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Hello، I'm Shehab Ahmed

I design and develop websites.

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Full Stack Web Developer

My name is Shehab Ahmed, a website designer and developer. I work on building websites from scratch. I have many projects that I have previously created for individuals and companies. I worked as an independent designer and developer and also worked for companies. I have many testimonials from clients who feel very satisfied with the projects I presented to them. I am always looking for everything new in my field and I have the passion and enthusiasm to do more projects.

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What do I offer!

I offer design and development services for websites and web applications that meet customer needs.

Web page design

I work on designing elegant interfaces with a modern and attractive design that is compatible with all screens ( Responsive )

Design and development of wordpress sites

Build Wordpress websites from scratch, and customize Wordpress templates to customer demand.

Web application programming

I build integrated web applications to meet the needs of clients who want to build web applications.

Work experience

Throughout my career I have learned a lot about designing and developing web interfaces with a great understanding of how to create content that is shared by the consumer. She has the experience, approach and know-how, to deliver world-class websites that will dazzle users and build brands. I also has extensive knowledge of how to use Google Analytics to produce sites according to Google's exact requirements to get the best search results.

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I worked as a Frontend interface designer, and I created a lot of destinations, and it was a continuous development phase during which I learned HTML & CSS & JAVASCRIPT & JQuery, and then I started learning the Backend, and my start was with the php language and the MYSQL database, and I created the first integrated commercial site Backend & Frontend.

Remote work for a company

I worked on building a web application for a private company, and I worked for a whole year to develop this application. The application was a system for managing personnel affairs, and it also includes collecting sums of money.


I worked on creating several websites for clients of establishments and startup companies, and I began to develop myself more in the field of backend. I also worked on establishing an electronic payment management system belonging to a private company with its work team. My task was to deal with the frontend and program some of the backend.

Company employee

I worked as an official employee with a private company, and my main work was to create a web application for managing resources, and I also created another web application for managing personnel affairs.

My Skills

I work on developing my skills continuously, with full readiness to learn more skills that meet the needs of the labor market

HTML & CSS 85%

Javascript & JQuery 80%


Laravel & VueJS 70%

Wordpress 87%


My work

These are some of my works that I created during the previous period of my work

My happy clients says about me.

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